Skeletons and Star Wars

“If R2-D2 wore shoes, what size would they be?” bodies and academia at their best in this lovely post written by the osteoarchaeologist Alison Atkin


As a part of the recent Manchester Science Festival (Oct 24th – Nov 3rd) I gave a talk at the Science Showoffevent.

The event is a well-oiled machine that was making its first appearance in the North West and as a result I signed up straight away (even though all I have ever wanted to do was attend one, not necessarily present at one). I am no stranger to science communication, however I was a stranger to doing it in a less than serious environment (there were jokes… and drinking… and singing…)! It hardly seems right (except now everything else seems entirely wrong).

I decided that since my own research can make for some really uncomfortable conversations with people (while I and my colleagues can laugh at jokes about diseases that killed millions of people – and statistics – I know that it’s not everyone’s cuppa)*…

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