Hi to all of you who come and read this!

I am an archaeologist and osteoarchaeologist, interested in the anthropology of the body- the ethics and history of body research and display.  I am also interested in Archaeological Methods & Theory and public archaeology. At the same time I have been studying European Neolithic mortuary practices, with a focus on the interpretation of Balkan settlement deposits. Past projects have also focused on the the history and fate of specimens from anatomical/anthropological collections, and on the analysis of the role of Medieval king’s bodies in contemporary scientific narratives. My profile & publications can be found on Academia.edu page.

You will find all these topics tackled on the blog, along some related to the fate of the Humanities in today’s world.

Notes on my Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship application experience here

The blog also hosted guest-posts, gathered around the topic of: HUMANITIES TODAY- a series of provocative and interesting posts from people within the academia or the educational sector

Alexandra Ion

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    1. Dear HSP,

      I am happy that you like my blog! Thank you for reading me and telling others about the blog. I am not sure I have time at the moment to take part in this, but I’ll mention you in a post and the whole idea.

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