Anthropocene. new concepts for a future archaeology?

Stolen brains, from ashes to diamonds, and a possible new king unearthed (22 January 2014)

Emotional Objects: Conference Report.

“Foreign Bodies, Common Ground” (11 November 2013)

(Reblogged from Deathsplanation) “Lofty Discoveries”

Masculine/Masculine”. Male nudity on display at Musee d’Orsay (29 September 2013)

(Reblogged from The Invisible Dead) The ‘Invisible Dead’ in the Levant

Latest news (some hidden gems) (22 June 2013)

(Reblogged from Centre for Medical Humanities Blog) The 21st Century Body Reloaded (CfP, Symposium, London, 7-8 November 2013)

(Reblogged from Emotional Objects: Touching Emotions) Call for Papers

Angelina Jolie’s breasts, gene patents and the “body as your enemy” (26 May 2013)

“Temporary Tattoos Could Make Electronic Telepathy Possible” (11 April 2013)

Zombies, bionic eyes, or about the inner body on display (22 March 2013)

News (20 January 2013)

A post about 3 exhibitions and “ownership” of the body (20 October 2012)

A post about two ladies: “Verity” meets Chanel no.5 (17 October 2012)


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