News: a new project on death&body in the Neolithic Balkans

I am happy to announce my new postdoc project at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research (University of Cambridge), DivMeanBody: Divergent Meanings: understanding the postmortem fate of human bodies found in Neolithic settlements from the Balkan area in light of interdisciplinary data.

The project is designed as an exploration in the construction of the prehistoric body and identity, by studying the post-mortem fate of human remains discovered in Neolithic settlements in the Balkan area (between 7th-4th millennia BC). These settlements have yielded collections of disarticulated, fragmentary, and scattered human remains. Given its broad time span, apparent uniformity on a large geographical area and across multiple prehistoric cultures, studying this depositional practice is key to understanding the context which shaped the beginnings of settlements, agriculture and the Neolithic way of life in Europe. Following previous research on the topic (see K. Băčvarov, S. Triantaphyllou, John Chapman, D. Bailey etc.) I try to see if there are new insights that one can get from already excavated deposits, in order to better understand how these past people were performing and dealing with the dynamic processes of life and death in their communities and the relation of these practices to the formation of archaeological deposits. I also hope that this will be an opportunity for a dialogue between archaeological/osteo data from Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. 

Looking fwd to meeting as many researchers working on the topic! For more details and updates on this research please visit the project’s webpage.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 701230


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