Holidays gift ideas 1.For anatomy lovers

In the spirit of the approaching Christmas Holidays I thought of putting together some of the nice things I’ve seen around that can become great gifts for archaeologists/anthropologists or anatomy enthusiasts. So, to start the series of posts, these are some suggestions focused on the anatomical body:

Anatomy In Black” by Emily Evans.

This is a great looking coffee table book by Morbid Anatomy Artist and Anatomist in residence Emily Evans. It reminds me of the concept of aesthesis and the investigations in the materiality of the anatomical universe as explored by Marieke M. A. Hendriksen in her Elegant Anatomy book- “historical medical collections may seem strange, undeniably have a morbid aesthetic, yet are neither curiosities nor art”



Crucial Interventions An Illustrated Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Nineteenth Century Surgery by Richard Barnett, Wellcome Collection, Roger L. Kneebone. Thames & Hudson Ltd 2015.

Crucial Interventions is a captivating look at the early history of surgery, one of the world’s most mysterious and macabre professions.”


Cavallini & Co Notebooks. I have recently been introduced to these beautiful notebooks, sporting vintage anatomical illustrations designs and can’t think of a better gift idea. I’ve never been a fan of decorating your life with skeletons or dead bodies, but these combine historical illustrations with anatomy and a vintage feel.

Medical Museums Past Present Future. Edited by Samual JMM Alberti and Elizabeth Hallam. The Royal College of Surgeons of England 2013.

This one is still one of my favourite publications pertaining to the history of anatomical/anthropological collections, combining great research with numerous archival images. A great read waiting for Anatomy Museum: Death and the Body Displayed, by Elizabeth Hallam (London: Reaktion, 2016).



For more suggestions check the Four of A Kind: Body Focused Books by David from These Bones of Mine.







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