Re-shaping the body: ‘Designpanoptikum’ and ‘Second Body’

The power of our imagination is sometimes so strong that it makes real and industrial objects to something surreal.’

An amazing project-museum of a Russian born photographer and collector, Vlad Korneev: ‘Designpanoptikum‘. In the rooms from Torstraße 201, Berlin, the visitor steps in a world reminiscent of Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory. Here, various bits and pieces of industrial objects are mixed to create a surreal museum for industrial objects, with the goal of making one wonder ‘What’s that?‘- an iron lung, prostheses, gas masks, medical lamps, wooden moulds etc. Read more here.

From a different point of view, the Second Body exhibition hosted by Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (01 Mar 2015 – 18 Jul 2015) brings forth investigations of ‘body and space, interrogating the body as place and architecture as the primary conditioner of our experience of space‘. The works of Antony Gormley break down the anatomy of the human body, exploring its connection with concepts of space,  structure, form or emotion.



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