‘For the Love of It’ : newly opened exhibition on scientific instruments and fond memories

‘I recently received a watch, from a loved one, as a gift. I adore it, it is bluff and appealing. However, something more then that attracts me to it. It tells the time just like another watch I’ve seen, the one in the picture displayed, and that watch is hundreds of years old. Put simply, I love the somewhat sentimental thought that time today is as time yesterday and time tomorrow.’ (the story of an Analogue watch)

Source: http://blogs.mhs.ox.ac.uk/fortheloveofit

This story is part of a new exhibition opening today, 28th of April, at the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford: ‘For the Love of It’  (28 April – 2 August 2015).

As their description goes, ‘Our physical exhibition, will showcase five personal stories from visitors to the Museum, and also the story of two historical amateurs, who, like us, did science for the love of it.’ An exhibition of scientific instruments, memories and love, opened by the question ‘Do you have any particularly fond memories of science or scientific objects?’


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