Upcoming books to keep an eye on

After some intense days of gardening (as a side note, if you ever find a full grown mushroom in your flower pot, than it means you really have a problem) I found myself surfing the web. As a result, I’ve stumbled upon 3 books which have just been/will soon be released, 3 titles which sound worthy of attention of body-in science-afficianados.

1. Bodies in Conflict Corporeality, Materiality, and Transformation Edited by Paul Cornish, Nicholas J Saunders

The topic of the human body as lieu de memoire has long interested me, from the bodies of martyrs to the victims of mass violence or repression systems. Hence, on the occasion of the 100 commemoration of the WWI, this title sounds to be an interesting addition to the field (in parallel with the growing interest in the archaeology of totalitarism, repression and violence- just see this year’s CHAT conference or the Terrorscapes project, to name only a few). As the publishers describe this multi-disciplinary project, “Focused on material culture, Bodies in Conflict revitalizes investigations into the physical and symbolic worlds of modern conflict and that have defined us as subjects through memory, imagination, culture and technology.”


2.The Anatomy Museum: Death and the Body Displayed By  Elizabeth Hallam 

From the author of numerous studies on the history of the dissected body or anatomy collections (one of the latest titles being the 2013  apparition, Medical Museums: past, present, future, edited with Samuel J.M.M. Alberti) , later this year will be published what sounds like a fascinating incursion in the history of the anatomy museums.

The Anatomy Museum unearths a strange and compelling cultural history that investigates the ideas of preservation, human rituals of death, and the spaces that our bodies occupy in this life and beyond.”


Besides these, I salute a recent release: the book of my friend Jaime, Arqueología Pública en España Edited by Jaime Almansa Sánchez (you can find out more about what is public archaeology and how it looks like in Spain here)



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