Guest post: 3 books that would make a perfect Christmas gift. About Love, math, mnemonists and medieval minds

by Arda Antonescu

Edward Frenkel – Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality

It is impossible not to be intrigued by a book whose cover displays a Van Gogh painting and a title combining Love and Math. It even suggests a Platonic framework of mind, as a friend pointed out. A Russian mathematician who is currently a Berkeley professor makes an adventurous excursion to the origins of his love for mathematics.The book is a first-hand account of a brilliant mind who considers mathematics an art and a numerical expression of a universal truth, yet to be discovered.

Alexander Nagel – Medieval Modern: Art out of Time

This one is a hard nut to crack but an excellent read for art lovers and nonconformist thinkers. Nagel challenges the reader to reconfigure his/her references about the medieval religious and artistic legacy nowadays,by looking at art works, ideas and practices from a double perspective. The daring analogies between the influences of the Gothic cathedral on the Bauhaus style, while interpreting the mosaic as ‘the modality of the electronic media’ might leave one intrigued enough to keep on reading.

Alexander R. Luria – The Mind of a Mnemonist: A little book about a vast memory

When I saw the word doctor, it looked like a round honey cake with bunches of some sort hanging down”. ‘S’ possesses a unique way of perceiving the world around him (synaesthesia) as well as a limitless memory. He is supervised by a team of psychologists who explore his ‘magical thinking’ and how this affects his interaction with everyone and everything around him. Should anyone be interested in an effortlessly written ‘romantic science’ book, The Mind of a Mnemonist is a wonderful humorous pick.

This post is part of the Guest posts: 3 books that would make a perfect Christmas gift series


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