New Guest post series: 3 books that would make a perfect Christmas gift. A philosopher’s list

Dear all,

The Holiday season is here (yey!), so I thought that would be nice to start a new guest post series. This time, I asked 5 friends of mine, all coming from the Humanities area, to draw up a list of 3 books that would make a perfect Christmas gift. Therefore, in the days to come before 25th of December, I will be posting these suggestions which, hopefully, will give you some new ideas for what presents to get for your loved ones. I have to say that I am quite curious and looking forward to these lists as I am pretty sure it’s gonna be an unofficial battle of the geeks 😀 (in a good way).

The first post in this series is a list drawn by Markus Pantsar (post-doctoral researcher of theoretical philosophy, University of Helsinki; you can read his previous guest-post on the role of Humanities Today here). And his suggestions are:

1. One Summer: America 1927 by Bill Bryson. A cornucopia of stories
and anecdotes gathered together in the loose way that only Bryson can
pull off. An intriguing glimpse to a lost time of simple life, heroes
and cultural innocence, but which was already giving way to the modern


2. An Artist of the Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro. Everybody should
read an Ishiguro novel at some point and those who have should read
another. This somewhat forgotten gem offers masterful prose combined
to a slowly unfolding narrative mirroring the post-war trauma and
modernization of Japan.


3. Logicomix by Apostolos Doxiaxis et al. One of the most unexpected
hits of recent years, this graphic novel tells the story of the birth
of mathematical logic through the biography of one of its most
important figures, Bertrand Russell. It’s everything you wouldn’t
expect it to be: entertaining, exciting and funny – as well as
informative with surprising depth and precision in its scientific
subject matter.


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