Saint Nicholas Day- a tentative gifts list

Tomorrow morning we all, as we have been good children and worked hard this year, we should find in our shoes what gifts Saint Nicholas had left for us during the night. In this context, and as the holiday season is quickly approaching, I thought that it’s only appropriate to draw a list of possible gifts ideas, presents which might appeal to the geek in you 🙂 (this is not a real suggestion list, just my fancy of the ideal gift)

Notebooks. Everybody needs a notebook/ diary/ calendar etc. Thus, you can chose either a sleek and minimalistic design for a hipsterish geek (choice 1), or a survival log in case of a zombie apocalypse, more appropriate for a field archaeologist or osteologist (choice 2).

Mugs. Probably the most basic gift one can produce, but it can still be appealing if you go either for a subtle literary quote (choice 1), or for a funny message/ hint (choice 2- this might also be a good opportunity to say things you haven’t said so far 🙂 ).

Socks and pyjamas. When I was little, I hated each and every time I was given a pyjama as a Christmas present by my grandparents (and it happened with a clockwork precision), and unfortunately, I am not the only one with this painful memory. However, as time passed by, I started appreciating and missing this type of gifts- due to lack of time, I never get round to buying a proper pyjama, so I thought I definitely need to write it down on my suggestion list. And socks! because one can never have too many- they are the solid proof that there is a conspiracy of all the washing machines out there to take over the world (first step: capturing just one sock of each pair, hence creating chaos in your world when you need to find a complete pair to rush to work).

Books. There is an infinite number of possibilities here, but I will suggest just one (maybe I will write another post just on my books wish list):

Other cool things: a phrenological bike helmet (seen on Brain Pickings) or a Jane Austen literary scarf

UPDATE: I forgot to also include on this list two of my “craziest” discoveries on the web this year: gothic bone-shaped Dominoes,

and sugar skulls and bones (all for the Victorian in you):

PS: after all, it was good I left this at the end, as it might not be everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee) 🙂


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