Friday finds. Ep. 1

I decided to start a new topic on my blog, “Friday finds” (inspired by my friend’s Caliper blog). My pick

for today is the latest issue of an on-line publication, Composite Arts Magazine– “No. 13 Corporeal”, dedicated to the human body. You can find the magazine and dwd it in pdf version on their website:

As the preface goes: “About a year ago, I walked into the International Museum of Surgical Science (IMSS) to sample its curiosities…As I admired how the surgical artifacts and artistic interpretations mingled together, I wandered up the next flight of stone steps. To my surprise, I came upon a space dedicated as a contemporary art gallery that holds rotating exhibitions throughout the year…I suggested that we collaborate, and lo and behold, the Corporeal issue came to life!” (

In other words, this issue is dedicated to making visible the anatomical human body through the eyes of several artists, a meditation on what the body means to us: “We function on a basic level with barely any effort: strolling across a courtyard we admire buildings without any attention to our feet; we breathe without thinking; our hearts keep a steady beat throughout the day and while we sleep. ..We are strong, we are resilient, we are self-reliant, but we are not immortal.  A pierce, slice, or pound in the wrong spot can end a life forever.  Sometimes, our parts are dissected, studied, placed in jars, so the world can see how they work: how we work.”

I would say that some works are pretty interesting (as in thought-provoking), so they are worth checking up. In the same line, they remind me of Xoïl, Needles Side TattOo work:


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