Books I’d love to browse through

1.  Itinerarium Septentrionale, Michael Shanks.

“My intention is not to illustrate an actual journey, least of all to attempt to represent the history and character of a region such as the English/Scottish borders. What I have gathered here are visual notes of particular encounters, observations, moments, opportunities….These incidental encounters involve close attention to empirics, the substance of experience—the qualities of things and places as they reveal themselves in visit and encounter.” (M. Shanks)

2. The Purple Book: Symbolism & Sensuality in Contemporary Art and Illustration, Angharad Lewis

Because, as they advertise: “It highlights visual art and the written word as media for representing human desire’s relationship with the dream-state, make-believe, and symbolism.”

3. Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information, Manuel Lima

From representing networks of friends on Facebook to depicting interactions among proteins in a human cell, Visual Complexity presents one hundred of the most interesting examples of information-visualization by the field’s leading practitioners.”

4. Crossing Over: Where Art and Science Meet, Stephen Jay Gould (Author), Rosamond Wolff

Purcell (Photographer), Lynne Amft (Designer)

Even though I am a little afraid it might be a little macabre, the following review definitely made me curious:

“[the photographs] are like paintings Vermeer might have made after rummaging through a natural-history museum’s basement.” — Newsweek, on Finders, Keepers

PS: A book I did get to look through, with wonderful pictures-stories is by Andrei Baciu: La Bunica (at my grandmother). It takes a glance at the domestic universe of THE (rural) grandmother, a wonderful visual story.

(The album can be viewed/downloaded at:

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