Some thoughts on a round table I co-hosted (pink shoes, Magritte and academic pens)

I just finished with my very first round table (one where I was an organiser I mean). For those who might be interested in the “human body on public display” topic, further info. on this event, background materials and photos can be found at this link: (though most of the posts are just for those speaking Romanian).

In short, it proved to be an interesting, challenging, fun and funny, exciting, and tiring experience. At first, I was about to write extensively what I deemed as deep and worth of dissipating words, but now I know better and I am not going to do that 🙂 The guests were really great, the audience as well, I am really grateful that everybody was so nice to me (including the press), so I don’t have something to add for now (and for those who did not attend the event, there should be some studies published and I will comment more when that happens). Instead, I will just mention the non-academic things I loved/learned from this experience:

-pink high heels go really well with an “academic but for the public” event

-the “Ceci n’est pas un mur” writing on the wall in the great coffee place where we held the meeting
(loved the natural lighting too, gave a warm feel to the meeting)

-the “dotted line with a pair of scissors” tattoo around the bartender’s arm

– fill the first row with friends and family (this makes you feel like a little rock-star, being intensely photographed, applauded etc. and you can be sure that it will look like an animated event)

-bring an extra pen, in case some of the guest-speakers need it, so you do not have to give a grown-up established researcher your “happy cow, smiling sun, happy worm and cloud” themed pen.

PHOTO: Stefania Voicu (at Libraria Bastilia)

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