Romanian Design Week – Preview

IMG_0021Yesterday I’ve been to the opening of the Romanian Design Week- Preview, and given the fact that I got an (awesome) free bag, which was meant for the press, now I feel obliged to write more about this experience 🙂

Romanian Design Week is “an annual event, launched in order to promote design as a driving force for cultural, social and economical growth and with an aim to support the local creative industries.” During the week 17th-26th May 2013, in Bucharest, Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Fashion Design, Advertising, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Photography meet in several locations and celebrate Romanian arts/artists. A common thread of these events is celebrating Romanian traditional motives, re-interpreted in a contemporary key.

My picks from last night’s event are: the location, the Photography section, and a chess board in the Young Designers section. The Preview was hosted in Stirbei Palace, in a shabby/under-renovation/technology infused space: colour white, bare concrete walls, dim lighting, video installations, majestic wooden staircase, colourful clothes, young people, wooden cabinets, stucco decorations, contemporary furniture, Romanian basilicum and strawberries.

Photo by Stefania Voicu

Photo by Stefania Voicu

As for what I think are the best attempts at re-using Romanian motifs and traditions, I can think of 5 names.

1. Clothes. Adrian Oianu















2. Jewels. Mihaela Ivana- Bijuterie Contemporana (with Semne Cusute)











3. Ceramics. The Awesome Project



















4. Painting. Silviu Oravitzan
















5. Chairs. Ioana Corduneanu












“An object has value when it has a story” (Irina Nicolau). These objects are all incorporating the long history, one of emotions and values; either it is a blouse, a plate, a painting or a stool, they share cardinal symbols which encapsulate the story of Romania.

PS: Thanks to Stefania Voicu for her photos


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