You better leave these bodies to M.D.

Another take on the Humanities Today topic


Charles Clarke, the secretary of education in the United Kingdom in Tony Blair’s cabinet, allegedly said several years ago: “I don’t mind there being some medievalists around for ornamental purposes, but there is no reason for the state to pay for them.” cf [1]  [2]  [3]

This citation might serve as a synecdoche of the general uproar of the policy makers in higher education around the globe against teaching of arts and research in humanities. These fields of studies simply don’t look well in the books of expenditures and profits kept at the Exchequer. This citation is also a signal of shifts in the understanding of the social function and public mission of academia and higher education. Tony Blair’s cabinet is gone, but the policy epitomized in the secretary Clarke’s Worcester speech seems to be in operation.

The “Dissecting the King’s Body” seminar is a part of the…

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