Happy 4 months anniversary (or about the red string of meaning)

It’s been 4 months, 26 posts and a … range of topics. So, I am gonna make it one of those “why am I doing this” kind of posts and thank all of you who have read any of my lines!

It all started long before, with my intent in making archaeology public, in bringing topics/key-issues of interest to this field to the attention of the general public. I guess for me it was a step closer to public archaeology and one way of fulfilling the “responsibility towards society” part of this job. At first I thought of finding a magazine, but the idea of a blog seemed much simpler. Then, as I started writing, I turned it into something more (without realising it) – still keeping it at a non-academic format/level, but using it as a way of addressing my peers too: introducing some of the latest news, connections or results from the field of Archaeology, Anthropology, Material culture studies, Science. I started talking about science writing, the role of a scientist, or topics that are sometimes over-looked. Though I think I failed so far in respect to making these interesting for a wider audience.

Some of the feedback I got so far includes opinions that range from: a bunch of puzzling nonsense (puzzling as in- “what in the world is your intention with all that?”), to an example of a polymath exercise, not forgetting the “oh, this is just academic stuff”/”this is literature and with no scientific value” versions. Regardless of what the specific opinions were ( I welcomed all and was really glad to receive them!), I am glad if I at least made some curious – not about the particular topics, but about what might connect them.

Behind all, connecting them like an invisible red thread (I dare to say almost like the red string of fate from the Chinese legend, the one that is tied around the ankle of all those who are bound to meet in a lifetime) is the desire in highlighting the importance of the humanities in the contemporary world, of showing how by looking differently, one might see new meanings and get insight into deeper connections. Things and human beings, material culture and emotions, all are intertwined in the never-stopping flow of everyday life, and it is my intention to present some fragments, case-studies, stories. In the end, they all come together in a greater puzzle. I just intend, if I can, to show (through the lens of my own academic background) that it is a fascinating journey trying to engage with it. But of course, I might be wrong.

With this occasion, I am very happy to host a guest-post of a friend, on: The challenges faced by the Humanities in the contemporary worldI hope this is soon to be followed by other guest-contributions on such a relevant and important topic (at least for this blog).

Photo source: http://0.tqn.com/d/arthistory/1/7/8/8/1/18-Rene-Magritte-Pilgrim-1966.jpg


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