What should be written on my business card?

So far, I haven’t gotten a business card. And the main reason is that I have no idea, yet, of what I should call myself. Besides my name of course.

Though in the light of some experiences I had  over the years, the name is not “secure” either; as I am used to introduce myself with my first name, followed by my last name in a country where it’s still a custom to do the opposite, I have seen myself in “official” contexts (at the doctor, at school, tax institutions) in need to explain that I am not a boy, and that what they thought was my first name is actually my family name…Each and every time that happened I realised how strong habits and labels are, stronger than the reality they could see with their own eyes (as it is pretty easy to spot that I am not a boy..)

On a business card, usually one is expected to write down his/her position or qualification. Regarding the former, I don’t take it as relevant or as revealing for what I am: I have worked as a contract archaeologist, a museum employee, research assistant in Physical anthropology, consultant for cultural projects, PR, and research assistant in Cultural Anthropology. In the future I might be something in the same line, or maybe totally different.On the other hand, I am qualified as a historian, archaeologist, osteoarchaeologist, and teacher. But all of these are just labels (ascribed through diplomas): none of them talks about the projects I have done in sociology, philosophy, public’s education etc. I guess I am what you might call an “interdisciplinary” researcher, and unfortunately there seems to be no diploma in that, hence no appropriate label.

I once had to play a game (a “break the ice” type of game, part of an exhibition guided tour): to choose a word that defines myself and write it on my name tag. In parentheses I have to say that the results of this game came out as a surprise, and  I highly recommend you try it with the people you know- they might really surprise you with the words they choose (some of the words I heard on that occasion being: sponge, love, collage, witness etc.).

Basically, I am more or less in search of this word that will tell the world what I am, what I can do and what I would like to do. Well, of course I can pick easily something like “genius” or “culture” (which won’t be too far off 🙂 ), but I am afraid the “readers” will not be able to decode the message.

So, I am left puzzling over how should inter/trans-disciplinary activity be synthesised. In search of a label that can say who I am. And with no business card.


3 thoughts on “What should be written on my business card?

  1. You could always have more than one business card you use.. One for each of your trades. Or, you could just do genius. 🙂 I happen to like when I see business cards with character.

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