Inking nerdiness

“At the heart of all science is a desire for elegance”.

This is one of the first lines in a recent book on tattoos by science writer Carl Zimmer, “Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed“.

Apart from a wide variety of science related designs, from mathematical formulas to fossils and star maps, there are some very elegant approaches too. And these are the play of words/images tattoos. The tattoos that do not simply talk about some scientific piece of knowledge, but they also ask from the viewer to think “scientifically”. Where the imagination of the viewer is challenged, as familiar elements are re-combined to highlight new meanings. My favourite in this respect is a  “Th In K” design, made up of the chemical elements’ symbols of Thorium, Indium and Potassium. With other tattoos the form of the message can be deemed as elegant (or at least it tries, limited only by the artist’s skill), similar to a mathematical demonstration that uses the simplest and most beautiful elements to prove its point. For example, a tattoo with the motivational message “You should try to keep perspective“.

In case the topics displayed by this collection of tattoos did not provide you with enough inspiration, and you are still looking for other “smart” topics, then I suggest you take a look at this geeky versus nerdy topics.

And in the end, some attempts of creating original and elegant proofs of love, in ink, that for various reasons did not turn out too well:

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